Gourment Traveller - Saluting the Rum Corp

According to Stuart Gilbert, master distiller of Holey Dollar Rum, the idea for Holey Dollar Rum came about as the result of long lunch on Sydney Harbours foreshore. It was the 200th anniversary of the Rum Rebellion – a time when rum was Australia’s unofficial currency – and the conversation turned to Holey Dollars, the coins made from Spanish dollars in the colony of New South Wales, and which in 1813 became Australia’s first official currency. Named after the currency, Holey Dollar Rum is distilled in a pot still, aged for three years in small oak barrels and it’s a glorious spirit, good enough to grab a hat-trick of gold medals at the International Wine and Sprits Competition in London this year. There are three versions: the Silver Coin, the Gold Coin and the Platinum Coin. My favourite is the Gold Coin. It’s deep, rich amber in colour, has demerara sugar and cinnamon with a hint of fresh spring flowers on the nose. Rich, mouth-filling, earthy with lots of dark sugary notes without being sweet, this is not a dessert rum, but seriously dry and challenging, yet quite addictive. The finish is long, rich with tobacco and cedar notes coming to the fore as it slowly fades. It is bottled at 57.2 per cent a/v, labelled ‘overproof ’ and the first rum produced in the style that our forebears probably drank, from an Australian owned company.

Source: gourmettraveller.com.au
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