Holey Dollar Rum is a recreation of the first quality rum that was available to the early Australian colonies. It celebrates the values and attitudes that were forged more than 200 years ago and which now are the cornerstones of our unique Australian culture.

Coins were scarce in the early Australian settlement and rum became the preferred currency. Prized rum arrived by ship from the best sugar producing nations, and the rum in this bottle is a recreation of that valuable drop. It is sourced from hand-cut sugar cane in the fertile tropics of Fiji and distilled in pot stills, giving a distinctive rich, dark texture and smooth full bodied flavours. Holey Dollar Rum is set to start the next 'Rum Rebellion'.

Holey Dollar Rum is available in 3 strengths:

Silver Coin - 40% alc/vol, Aged 3 years
The extra ageing, and Pot Still process along with the best quality hand-cut sugar cane used in distillation give Holey Dollar Silver Coin its strong character. The rich flavour is a superb base for cocktails but also carries through delightfully when mixed with most fruits and soft drinks. It certainly revolutionises the Australian classic Rum & Coke.

Gold Coin - 57.2% alc/vol, Aged 3 years
Over-proof rum was valued greatly because of the higher alcohol content and subsequent influence on the character of the rum. Testing for proof involved pouring a little of the rum over some grains of gunpowder and setting it alight. If the mixture remained alight, then the liquid was said to be at proof. If the liquid was stronger than proof, then the gunpowder would explode, thus overproof. We now know that the alcohol content at proof is 57.2%. Gold Coin is superb sipped over ice or as a base for premium cocktails.

Platinum Coin - 75.9% alc/vol, Aged 3 years
It's beautiful and wonderful dark amber colour with aromas of raisins and chocolate, toasty almonds and a hint of dried banana. It is mouth swirling delight and with layer and layer of progressively drier and woodier oak flavours finishing long and warm on the palate. It is truly a fabulous drink, worthy of being consumed in a brandy balloon either straight or a dash of ice and mixes perfectly with grapefruit or any fruit juices, bitter lemon, or actually, whatever takes your fancy. Its a "winner" anyway you try it!!!!

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