Masterchef Magazine February 2012

Greg Duncan Powell goes for gold.
Rum has always been the bad boy of the brown spirits.
Blamed for rebellions and favoured by pirates,
its criminal record has kept it out of the company that
cognac and single malt whisky keep.
But never let reputation get in the way of a good
drink. The mixture of aged brownrum and lime juice 
can take you toa beach in the Bahamas faster than
the speed of light. Think beyond Australian shores - there are
amazing rums imported from all over the sugar-cane-growing world.
Holey Dollar Gold Coin Overproof Rum, $65 (700ml)
Holey Dollar harks back to Australia's rum-sozzled past.
The sugar cane is from Fiji and there are whiffs of caramel,
vanilla and cocoa. At a warming 57.2 per cent alcohol,
it's a handy cocktail rum.
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