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2012 is a historic year being the 200th anniversary of
the inception of “Australia’s First Official Currency”
introduced by Governor Lachlan Macquarie.
The 26th of January 1808 was the day of the infamous RUM
REBELLION and is celebrated every year in Australia by a public
holiday and celebration of what makes Australia, Australia.
History of the Holey Dollar
When Lachlan Macquarie became Governor of New South Wales
in 1810 the colony was almost broke and suffering from a major
shortage of small denomination coinage for daily transactions. Many
available coins were still being shipped offshore by traders and the
illegal rum trade dominated commerce. The NSW ‘Rum Corps’
originally introduced rum as the most common form of currency
after 1793, but this all changed after the Rum Rebellion of 1808.
Governor Macquarie’s solution to the currency shortage was to import
40,000 Spanish silver dollars (eight reales) in 1812. To prevent them
from being promptly traded back out of the colony, he is believed to
have employed recently emancipated English-born convict plater, cutler
and sometimes forger William Henshall, to make them unappealing to
traders by punching the centres out of each coin, giving both parts inflated
values over and above the intrinsic value of the silver. This method of
defacing coins was already in use in various other countries at the time.
The Colonial pierced dollar, outer ring or “Holey Dollar” as it became
well known, was valued at five shillings and the inner plug, known as
the “Dump” was worth fifteen pence. The Holey Dollar and Dump were
demonetised in 1929 when the Sterling standard was re-imposed. Holey
Dollars and Dumps were shipped to London to be melted down and
sold off as bullion silver, or clipped or given as souvenirs to dignitaries.
Sydney Production Site
Henshall was provided with a workshop in the basement of a
government building called the ‘Factory’ (long since demolished)
to produce the Holey Dollars and Dumps. It was located near the
corner of Bridge and Loftus Streets by the eastern bank of the
Tank Stream in Sydney. This became Australia’s first mint.
The Holey Dollar Rum
Holey Dollar Rum was founded in 2008 by Stuart Gilbert. Holey Dollar Rum
honours this occasion having been voted the ‘World’s Best’ and is available
to all Australians for those that seek quality and Australian patriotism. In
fact, Holey Dollar Rum is the only Australian or company that has ever been
awarded “WORLDWIDE DISTILLER OF THE YEAR” at the International
Wine and Spirit Competition in London in its entire 40 year history of judging
wine and spirits. Also complementing this outstanding achievement, Holey
Dollar Rum was awarded the Trophy for BEST RUM and three GOLD
MEDALS for each of its products out of 84 rums from around the world.
The award winning Holey Dollar Rum is hand crafted using carefully
selected natural premium ingredients. It is produced using a unique pot
still distillation process aged longer in small oak barrels and blended to
an “authentic Australian blend” containing no sugar, ensuring the very
best flavour and smoothness. Holey Dollar Rum is available through
all major and selected wholesalers and retailers across Australia.
Retail prices vary in relation to alcohol strength. It is
considered great value for money and a taste superior
to any other rum in the Australian market today.
Silver Coin “Premium” 40.0% RRP $44 per bottle
Gold Coin “Overproof” 57.2% RRP $64 per bottle
Platinum Coin “Cask Strength” 75.9% RRP $84 per bottle
So, if you are a in the trade whether being a wholesaler, retailer,
bartender, cocktail maker, mixologist, consumer or in the media or just
passionate about rum, please pass this on and help spread the word.
Also, please feel free to contact Stuart Gilbert by email
stuart@holeydollarrum.com.au or 0411 508 070 if you need
further information or go to the website www.holeydollarrum.
com.au and read more articles under “Our News” and
support an 100% Australian owned family company.
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