Overproof - Spirits Journal USA Rum Review September 2011 by Paul Pacult - Gold Coin

HOLEY DOLLAR GOLD COIN Overproof Pot Still Rum 57.2% abv
Pretty straight-on topaz colour; has a slight haziness in the core, but not critical. Wow, this first sniffing encounters bizarrely attractive aromas of steel wool, gunmetal, sugarcane and over-ripe lime - considering that it's overproof, the abv isn't a factor; second stage whiffs following seven minutes of air contact, offer sinewy, resiny, rubbery aromas of textile, grass, wet vegetation, rubber tire and pumpkin seed. Entry offers soaring, near-hot flavours of toasted marshmallow, charcoal and cocoa' mid palate is more composed than the fiery entry and features narrower flavours of buckwheat, old honey, dark caramel, candied almonds and black tea. Ends surprisingly tamed and biscuity/sugar cookie-like. An amiable, gentle giant. "Superb/Highly Recommended"

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