Premium - Spirits Journal USA Rum Review September 2011 by Paul Pacult - Silver Coin

HOLEY DOLLAR SILVER COIN Extra aged Premium Pot Still Rum. 40% abv
Tasting Notes: Straw gold/orangy colour; impeccable clarity. Holy-moly, this Holey Dollar Silver opening burst is amazingly grassy and vegetal immediately after the pour; seven more minutes of aeration bring out peculiar, sassy and yet compelling fragrances of hemp, tar, flax, burnt match, new leather, rubber tire/pencil eraser and bean pod; no wallflower bouquet. Entry is honeyed, slightly metallic and strangely but undeniably apppealing; mid palate goes sweeter and more toffee-like as the taste profile revs up on the sweetness scale but not as to become cloying; it's like liquid honey and I like it a whole lot. Concludes bittersweet, cocoa-like and buttery. "Superb/Highly Recommend"
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