Holey Dollar Scoops three Gold Medals and the Trophy for best rum in the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.

Announced on 16th July,  Holey Dollar has been judged better than some of the best respected rums in the world.  Holey Dollar Silver Coin Premium Rum at 40% alc.vol won Gold, Best in Class;  Holey Dollar Gold Coin Overproof Rum at 57.2% alc/vol won Gold Best in Class; Holey Dollar Platinum Coin at 75.9% won Gold, Best in Class. 

Judges Tasting Notes - Silver Coin
Deep gold. Rich, full, exotic nose with delicate weave of spice and floral notes. Attractive earthy and dark sugar notes. Deep flavour in the mouth with rich treacle and some bitter, but attractive, caramel notes. Hints of raisin, prune and vanilla. Long, power packed finish.

Judges Tasting Notes - Gold Coin
Medium, bright gold. Similar exotic characters as above but all in greater profusion. Floral and spice mingle with earth and dark sugar. All carry into the mouth where all the flavours are highlighted by the clean, spirited lift. Wonderful twist of smoke links all the flavours and leads into another, full powered finish.

Judges Tasting Notes - Platinum Coin
Dark bronze. Tropical fruits where ripe banana reigns supreme lead on the nose with floral and spice following. Brown sugar, caramel and vanilla. Deep full flavoured mouth where all the flavours are given a great fillip from the clean alcoholic lift. Great combination of rum and fruitcake characters. Impressive, aromatic finish.

In addition to Best in its class, Holey Dollar Gold Coin was  also awarded the very prestigious Trophy for the best rum in the competition. Further details are available at http://www.iwsc.net.
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