Australian Traveller May 2011

Who said the Rum Rebellion was in
Australia’s past? Impressing
international markets with unique
Australian flavours, Holey Dollar
Rum is reaffirming the spirit as a
precious commodity. A steep step
up from your standard rum’n’coke
found at the local RSL, it’s made
from Fijian sugar cane and is
distilled in a 100-year-old
wood-fired copper pot still to an
exclusively Aussie recipe. Dollar
Rum comes in three styles – Cask
Strength, Overproof and Premium.
All three have been awarded best
in class at the International Wine
and Spirit Competition two years
running, while earlier this year the
range received high accolades at
The Spirits Masters Series.
Cask Strength will set you back
$84.99 and Overproof $64.99,
while Premium is valued at $39.99.
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