Luis Ayala tasting notes

Holey Dollar Rum Extra Aged Overproof (114.4 Proof, 3 Year Old). >From Fiji, by way of Australia, comes this strong rum dressed with an inviting golden amber color and bronze undertones. The aroma is vigorous and assertive, loaded with raw sugarcane, toasted nuts, wet oak and light traces of toffee and bananas. On the palate it opens up swiftly and warmly –as all overproof rums do-, slowly giving way to waves of vanilla and caramel. The finish is sweet and slightly spicy, making it a perfect companion for a maduro cigar. Hardcore rum aficionados can enjoy this rum straight, everybody else will benefit from adding a bit of water or an ice cube. A unique find. Cheers!

Luis K. Ayala
Author and Rum Consultant
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