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Australia and the South Pacific. Though there are relatively few rum producing nations in the South Pacific - Australia (Bundy, Inner Circle) and Fiji (Holey Dollar) – they produce a distinctive, rich style of rum unlike the rums of the northern hemisphere.

Though a very young player in the Australian rum market, Holey Dollar has enjoyed great success since it was founded in Sydney in 2008. As a professional rum judge and the man who brought Inner Circle back to life, Stuart Gilbert had a wealth of experience in the field and decided to try his hand at creating some original blends. The resulting three bottlings were all awarded gold medals and voted best in class at the 2009 International Wine and Spirits Competition. The overproof Gold Coin was also awarded ‘Best Rum’ of the competition, and Holey Dollar was given the accolade of ‘Worldwide Distiller of The Year’ – not a bad haul for a brand new label. Pot distilled from Fijian Molasses not sugar cane juices and aged in small oak barrels, the rich deep blends are distinctive while remaining true to the traditional molasses-based Australian style.

Nick Braun bartender, brand ambassador, drinks writer, Sydney, NSW

Question. What was the inspiration behind the Holey Dollar cocktail you made today?
The rich, depth of Holey Dollar Gold Coin and the raw power of the Platinum Coin generally lend themselves to longer drinks. I wanted to tame these spirits while retaining the characteristics that define them – oaky, nutty, chocolaty and sweet with ripe fruit tones – but in a shorter, more refined form than you find in a punch or a heavily lengthened drink.

"Holey Berry"
Glass: Brandy Balloon

• 40ml Holey Dollar Gold Coin Rum
• 20ml Holey Dollar Platinum Coin Rum
• 20ml Mulberry Juice (available from health food stores)
• 5ml Vanilla Syrup (preferably homemade)
• 1 dash Fee Brothers Grapefruit Bitters
• 1 dash Angostura Bitters

Grapefruit Zest

Stir all liquid ingredients in a mixing glass and strain into a chilled Brandy Balloon.
Squeeze grapefruit oils over the drink and discard.
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