Conceived on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour.

Over a spot of lunch, The Holey Dollar Rum brand idea was conceived in 2008 on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour in a discussion between Stuart Gilbert and Tony Stubley.
We discovered that we both had a passion for surfing, good rum and Australian history. We also agreed that there was a real lack of quality Rum in the Australia market place - a country whose first currency of trade was rum! There was less than a hand full of brands that were all owned and/or distributed by foreign corporations. Thus, "The Holey Dollar Distilling Company” was founded. A year later Holey Dollar Rum was "Voted worlds best rum"  beating 84 other rums

The year of inception coincided with the 200th Anniversary of the 1808 Rum Rebellion which was not only a defining moment in the development of our unique Australian character, but also signified the beginning of the end of the Australian rum trade which was later replaced by Australia’s first coin - The Holey Dollar. Perfect.

Stuart was responsible for the resurrection of Inner Circle Rum being the Founder and Managing Director from 2002 to 2007 after guiding its success to winning more international awards this century than any other rum in the world. A feat that is unlikely to be ever repeated in such a short period of time. He was also fortunate to acquire Australia’s oldest registered distillery and learn first hand the art of making and blending high quality pot still rum.

Stuart is now responsible for the blending of the Holey Dollar rum with unique and exceptional flavour and characteristics that will match if not better any other premium rum from around the world.

Holey Dollar represents quality at a very affordable price and will delight the taste buds of all rum lovers and people that normally may not think to try rum in the past.  It is an authentic re-creation of the first rums that were brought to Australia so every sip is a taste of the history we all share.

Stuart explains that Rum-making is a living process, linking nature with human ingenuity: a melding of technology and artistry. It is created by taking molasses, adding yeast, distilling and maturation, the variable within the process are almost infinite. By only using the finest raw natural materials, the best fermentation procedures, the best pot stills available in the world, together with the most important factor the experience and devotion from the Master Blender who carefully and creatively blend the rum to his personal liking. This is what sets Holey Dollar Rum apart from other rums, nothing artificial and no expense is spared or quality is substituted to create this special and unique tasting rum.
Holey Dollar Rum was awarded  the trifecta "Worldwide Distiller of the Year", "Trophy for Best Rum" and three "Gold Medals" and "Best in Class"a feat that is unsurpasable.

We trust you will find that the taste of the Holey Dollar Rum lives up to the highest standards and meets the expectations of every spirit enthusiast and consumer alike...
Should you wish to contact Stuart Gilbert his email is and mobile
0411 508070
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